Straightway Mattress Removal Service in PA

Decluttering a home takes a whole lot of effort and energy. Sometimes, it is as simple as taking out the trash, but there are other times when you would have to put in extra elbow grease.

Stuff like furniture uses strength and exertion when moving. Mattresses, in particular, weigh between 50 to 150 pounds. Getting it out of your bed frame is enough to make you break a sweat. Also, curbside pick-up is not applicable for items that could obstruct public spaces.

So, what do you do?

When you cannot afford to spend all your energy just getting a mattress out of your home and dispose of it in a dumpster. Why go to all that trouble just for a bed cushion? This is what a junk removal service is for.

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Consider Your Mattress Removal Done!

Good news! You can preserve your energy while we do the work.

Straightway’s mission is to make the load lighter for you (literally!) Homeowners are glad to know that we provide excellent specialized services for their hard-to-handle possessions.

Some mattresses may contain materials that could potentially be harmful to nature as it decomposes. Given this, we apply the most environmentally-conscious methods of disposal.

You can consult our pros on the best course of action. We do not only discard items. We also recycle or donate depending on the condition.

Wonder how a mattress removal service works? It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

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That’s it. Say goodbye to unwanted junk that fast and easy, even if it is as bulky as a mattress!

When to Dispose of Your Mattress?

Here are some instances when you need to replace, remove and basically get rid of your mattress:

– Aches and pains when waking up

– Tiredness and difficulty in sleeping

– Purchased a new bed frame

– Annoying squeaks and noises

– Foul odor and stains that do not go away after washing

– Unrepairable worn-out exterior

– Spring and other materials sticking out

Do most of these apply to your current bedroom situation? Call our junk removal near you!

We Get Rid Off Your Old Mattress

Mattresses are at the receiving end of your long days, tired bodies, sweat, dirt, dust and all the weight of your bodies. Naturally, our beds deteriorate, having spent a third of a day on it. Normal wear and tear will eventually cause damage, which possibly makes it unhealthy for you to continue lying down on it. When the time comes to bid goodbye to your beloved bed, you may want to consider a house junk removal service.

Let Us Help

Straightway Junk Removal offers services that save you the trouble. Sit back, relax and wait for your mattress to ~disappear~. Finally, get a good night’s sleep on your new bed, without worrying about what to do with your old one. Contact our local junk removal company and schedule a mattress to pick up. We do same day junk removal, so you do not have to another day with a massive mattress hanging around your home.